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Meet Cheryce

A highly motivated, conscientious individual with an abundance of creativity and enthusiasm. A quick learner, who will exceed your expectations in accomplishing great results and possesses excellent time management and organizational skills; an individual that is dedicated,
focused, intellectual, and persistent.

With over ten years of design, administrative, management experience and a passion for my skills, I decided to utilize them to become a Social media manager. I strongly believe that “You win when you
help others to win.”

Meticulous in nature and constantly goes above and beyond clients’ expectations to get the job done:

My goal is to provide effective, efficient, and reliable services to entrepreneurs, life/business coaches, and businesses globally. Offering a fresh, vibrant atmosphere to help you actualize your business’s true potentials by navigating your way with social media and content creation.

And might I add, turning challenges into opportunities!


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Our Mission

Aim to provide effective and efficient content and strategies for entrepreneurs' social media and business.

Our Philosophy

Attitude will almost always determine your altitude in life. Believe and Achieve.

Core values

Team Work

  Working together builds trust and trust is a fundamental part of business development.

Reliable with Proven Results

We listen to our customers’ needs, analyze each need and find the most effective and practical solution to generate quality results

Constant Communication

We ensure constant contact is maintained between us and our clients. This aids to establish and maintain a successful business relationship.


We at keen organizers are professionals. With innovative strategies and customer satisfaction at the forefront we deliver quality services.